May 252011
Square Enix Plans for Another Major MMO This Year Besides FFXIV

Japanese videogame company Square Enix has announced their plans to develop one more “major MMO game besides FFXIV this year. The announcement was made during their May 13th conference to address its recent annual financial plans and issues. Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada stated that he thinks his company will announce this other MMO game within the year and that their plan is to regularly run two to three MMO games to maintain a steady cash flow.

Although their intentions mean well and they are aiming to keep Squake Enix afloat, the success of the upcoming MMO needs to be immence to pull out the company from the massive failure of Final Fantasy XIV.[full article]

May 252011
Special Commemorative K-ON Movie Ticket

A special commemorative movie ticket for the new K-ON movie will be released June 4th. K-ON will need to scramble to get these quick because there is a 10 ticket limit on purchases or less depending on the demand in each theater. To see the full schedule of theaters featuring the film check here.